About Catherine

For more than 4 decades I have been using love to serve as a bridge to the Spirit World for healing and guidance.

What makes me, me. It’s how I was born to be. My very first memory as a little girl is that of a huge, male presence (with no body) wrapping me in love.

Growing up, I desperately wanted other people to talk to about my paranormal experiences, but didn’t get my wish until a year after my second son was born. He entered earth with a whole container shipload of disabling conditions that Western medicine was unprepared for.

This messed up little boy needed not just me, but access to the limitless support and guidance that God, or the Universe, or Source, had always showered on me.

Let’s back up a few years. Nine years before my son was born, I was working on the Navajo Reservation teaching children with disabilities who had recently been returned home after living years in institutions. New laws were in effect allowing these kids access to education and a better quality of life. One morning I awoke from a dream convinced I would give birth to a son who would have severe disabilities. Yikes!! I absolutely believed this dream, never for a moment thinking it had anything to do with my summer job. I also absolutely did not want to raise a child with disabilities. No way. 

The power of this dream pushed at me relentlessly. Honestly, I thought I could barter with fate, pay my dues up front, and avoid the future that dream foretold. Driven by this goal, I geared my college studies toward special education and looked for ways to be involved with services for people with disabilities. Ironically, my efforts prepared me instead.

Good grief he was so messed up. BUT, in spite of damaged brain and muscles, I knew this child would walk, talk, learn, grow, prosper and be a voice for change. That knowing came from precognition too. I knew what I knew just as surely as I believed the dream from 9 years ago. Family, friends and doctors lectured me constantly about living in denial of my son’s condition and potential. But I knew different and trusted the spiritual source of my knowingness.

I trusted in a Higher Power or God, and His love and perfect plan. I trusted that my knowingness came from God, a source of unconditional love and non-judgement. I trusted that God doesn’t make mistakes (certainly this loving, mischievous, rascal of a boy wasn’t a mistake!). So I blew off the doctor’s opinions and predictions as irrelevant to our story.

It was clear this child needed help from somewhere. I started with a chiropractor. A few months later he suggested I see another client of his to “get my head straight” about my son’s condition. Surprisingly, this contact was a spiritual healer. Yup, spiritual healer and laying-on-of-hands. Things I did not believe in. But… why not? My son needed help. No help was available from traditional sources. It was time to not only think outside the box, but to throw the box away.

As a skeptic, I spent hours with the spiritual healer to get to know her. Was she for real? Could she hurt my son in anyway? She was patient as a saint and described herself as a vehicle through which God worked. I liked how she spoke about herself and her work while answering my endless questions. As we talked, I began to understand parts of myself for the first time and believed my son would benefit from a session. Again, why not? 

The session was a miracle. The room filled with intense energy and love. I stood to the side sweating buckets in air conditioning and sobbing from palpable love while the healer worked. My son’s body grew muscles and changed shape right before my eyes. He could now control his arms, stand on previously paralyzed legs, hold his head himself and spoke his first word, “mama”. That day he was 13 months old. When the healer began her work he couldn’t suck, swallow, control his arms, sit, stand – you get the picture. His paralyzed, atrophied body came to life under her hands!!

What more proof could God, or the Universe possibly shove in my face? I would no longer deny the Spirit world I co-inhabited equally with the human experience. My son and his circumstance had shattered me in the best way possible, exposing my core and unleashing who I am.

I am a channel, spiritual healer, medium, psychic, intuitive.

My son with disabilities left earth years ago at the age of 16. I sat vigil as his life waned and rallied many times those 16 years. He was a change agent and warrior in the disability movement. His life is a big story, full of struggle, pain, miracles, joy and love. His legacy brought new services to and changed policy and laws for children and adults with disabilities in the local, state and national arenas. By the way, he did eventually walk, talk, and read. He was highly intelligent, a talented musician and cook, relentlessly curious and mischievous, and showered everyone he ever met with unconditional love. 

His condition came from my DNA and I live with a glitchy body too. The geneticists tell me the cellular function of my body has only been seen in a corpse! My cells produce less than 10% of the energy our bodies require to function and survive, and there is no cure. My life force has waned and rallied many times, just like my son’s. I have experienced many near-death episodes and no longer keep track. Each one is an amazing lap around the Universe, full of joy and love on an extraordinary and indescribable level. Each unique episode teaches me and connects me to new awareness and understanding. My DNA puts me in a continuous loop of dying, death, rebirth and growth. And always, always, Divine companions journey with me.