About Your Session

The possibilities are limitless. All that is needed in the moment is always provided.

Everything I do comes from a place of love, respect, and gratitude for you and your journey.

People schedule individual and group sessions and classes for many reasons. Examples include:

  • physical healing
  • healing on an emotional, mental, moral or spiritual plane
  • guidance around choices, stepping forward into change, and releasing what no longer serves you regarding relationships, work or other areas of your life
  • guidance related to loss, grief, dying and death, and assisting the dying in their process
  • communication with deceased loved ones and pets
  • information about past lives as it relates to your current needs
  • teaching psychic and intuitive children of all ages to understand and work with this part of themselves. This work is geared to the child’s age and includes helping the family raise an intuitive child.
  • Spiritual Law and the practical application in your life. We start with what you already know and expand on that.
  • Understanding energy, the design of your body to receive and send energy, and the practical applications in your life. We start with what you already know and expand on that.
  • understanding the cause of paranormal activities in buildings or properties and healing or resolving those issues. (These places often need healing too.) I also help clients set healthy boundaries with spirit visitors.

What can you expect during your session?

Healing can occur on an emotional, physical, spiritual, mental or moral level, or any combination of these. Guidance, clarity, affirmation, new awareness and physical changes are all part of healing.

Self empowerment is also healing. Gaining insight into Spiritual Law, how energy works,  and how to set healthy boundaries are part of every session. Clients can then interact confidently with spirit guides, angels, deceased loved ones, extra-terrestrials, or other energies that come into their lives.

Long before you and I meet by phone or in person, you have prayed prayers that the Universe is now answering. The Beings that can help you will come. I serve as the bridge between you and your helpers.

I do recommend you have some thoughts about your goals for the session. However, this isn’t critical.

Other information about your session

  • The client always experiences the healing they need.
  • What occurs during the session or the outcome cannot be predicted. The Beings that can best help you gather to provide what is in your highest good in the moment.
  • You may experience instantaneous healing and/ or healing may be revealed over time.
  • You may receive specific guidance, information, or instruction to help you release blocks and assist you on your path.
  • Feel free to ask questions during the session or immediately after. Since my consciousness is expanded into other realms, what I say or do during a session doesn’t stay in my memory. So ask questions, take notes, or record the session.
  • Many of the Beings that come to help will stay with you for at least 3 days as support for your new understanding, awareness, and healing.
  • All sessions are confidential.
  • I feel blessed when people ask for my help. It is my joy and honor to be allowed into another person’s energy and experiences.

How do I work?

I connect you to a support team that has gathered just for you by shifting my vibration to focus on love and gratitude for you and your life. This opens my access to benevolent energies throughout the Universe, allowing them to respond to your need and your questions. 

This support team includes angels and Ascended Masters, and spirit guides. Many, many others come through as needed such as Ancient Native healers, extraterrestrials, animal guides and elementals, the energies of Mother Earth, and our deceased loved ones and pets.

My work is primarily that of a channel. I do see and talk with the energies of earth and other realms, but when channeling, I give these Beings access to my voice and body in a specific and controlled way to allow their knowledge and healing to flow through me. 

This example of channeling may be helpful. A client hosted me in their home for the day and booked sessions for several friends. During that day, a dear friend of this group passed away. The deceased’s spirit joined the session I was in at the time, and offered to visit with everyone in the home if I agreed to channel. Everyone agreed (me too!). I shifted into love and gratitude for the deceased and quickly began talking like her and using her mannerisms. As her spirit used my voice and moved throughout the home, each person received a special message. An hour soon passed. The deceased friend had now shared what she wanted, answered everyone’s questions, and was ready to journey on. She and I separated gently and I sat down with a glass of water, remembering little. I wasn’t tired. But I was in awe, humbled and amazed by the experience. The group at the house were so happy to have one last conversation with their friend and make sure she was ok. As a channel, I did not relay messages from the deceased. Instead, her spirit entered my physical body enough to control movement and speech. 

Channeling energies is my normal. In my experience, as energetic beings we all have this potential. By doing, I have learned how to interact using healthy boundaries that support the highest outcome for the client, the energies coming through, and myself. It’s a loving and healing experience.

Am I also psychic? Yes. An intuitive or energy worker? Yes.  A medium? Yes. I see and communicate with deceased people and animals. If needed, I help them too. Am I a spiritual healer? Yes. And so are you. I believe we all possess the ability to heal and provide healing.  Am I a teacher? Teaching is also at my soul’s core. I have taught in public schools but most of my teaching has involved guiding others toward increased understanding and empowerment  of self so they may experience and own their individual magnificence, yumminess and power! 

My Training

Throughout my life, my teachers have been the Beings that love and guide me, and work through me. In my late 20’s, I learned from the spiritual healer and channel who had helped my youngest son. During these months I began to better understand and apply what came naturally to me. On one of these evenings, my prayer to serve was granted and I received the gift to heal through laying-on-of-hands. 

I continue to learn through each session with a client, conversation with a friend or passing stranger, and each moment living my life. It has been my experience that my imagination is insufficient to comprehend the limitless love and healing available from the Divine. 

What about remote or distance healing?

The benefit is the same. Energy is not bound by time, distance or space. I have worked with individuals throughout the world and haunted spaces throughout the country while sitting at my dining room table.

What about healing for the land or paranormal activity in homes and buildings?

This can be done in person or remotely. I love the many layers that are often revealed working with “haunted” places. These energies can also be in need of guidance or healing.

**With paranormal activity, consider the possibility that these energies could be reaching out to you because they need help or have a message to share. How magnificent that Beings from other dimensions, including the deceased, have discovered how to communicate with us!