About Your Session

It’s all about LOVE! You’ll be wrapped in a spiral of unconditional love throughout your session.

The possibilities are limitless! 

What I offer:

  • healing – physical and emotional
  • mediumship – connecting with loved ones or pets that have passed
  • channeled readings about love, relationships, life, health, work, change and choices
  • channeled readings about all things spiritual and paranormal
  • clearing paranormal activity in buildings or on properties (ghost busting), and teaching you how
  • guidance around loss, grief, dying and death, and assisting the dying in their process
  • guiding psychic and intuitive children and their families
  • understanding energy –
    • why we are empaths, psychics, mediums, channels,
    • using and enhancing your abilities,
    • setting healthy boundaries

Other information about your session

  • All sessions are confidential.
  • Feel free to ask questions during the session or immediately after. As a channel, what I say or do during a session doesn’t stay in my memory. So ask questions, take notes, or record the session.
  • It is my joy and honor to be allowed to connect with your energy and experiences.

Does remote or distance healing work?

Yes. Energy is not bound by time, distance or space. I have worked with individuals throughout the world and haunted spaces throughout the country while sitting at my dining room table.

How do I work?

My work is primarily that of a channel.

All doors open with love. I use love for you and your life’s journey as the key to shift my vibration, creating the connection between you and the universe.

Think of me as an extension cord connecting your energy with the other realms.

As I channel, whatever you need flows through.

–This could include guidance about relationships, career, and life changes or clearing                           your energy field.

–You may receive a  chakras balancing, or information from past lives or the Akashic                             records.

–Your spiritual helpers may use Reiki or sound energy, or scan your body for any                                     physical and medical needs and provide information or energy to help.

–Mediumship can also be part of your session. I love this work as much as I Iove                                     channeling.

–I connect easily with loved ones who have passed. Even pets.                                                                                   It can be very important to know our loved ones are in a good place.                                                                      It can be important to learn how our loved ones perceive us now, letting us release any worries or even guilt.

–I aslo connect easily with the energies of buildings and land.                                                                                      This is joyful, healing work as well. Ghost busting is about helping any soul, in any dimension, release what no longer serves them. There is nothing scary here. Again, it’s all about love.

All of the above can and sometimes do happen during the same session!                                                            It depends on what you need.

Who are the Beings that come to help?

This always includes your spirit guides and angels and mine. Other angels may assist, along with Ascended Masters, loved ones who have passed, and extraterrestrials. There are many other energetic beings that may come to help. Just remember, your prayer for help is broadcast throughout the universe and whoever can help, will come!