Catherine Stefanavage has worked successfully, remotely on my husband for over a year. Recently I decided I needed some specific help around a perplexing issue that was related to physical debilitating pain I was experiencing. It turned out that the very morning my husband asked Catherine to work on me, my guides told me the source of the problem. Later that evening when I spoke with Catherine after she completed her remote work, I was blown away that she physically saw the exact same thing I had been told about. She also gave me specific information around it related to the cause and how I could put an end to it.

As a spiritual teacher I’m well acquainted with many healers and what they have done for my clients. Catherine’s work is above excellent and I would put it on par with inter-dimensional healing. Why settle for 3-D healing when you can get the multi-dimensional version? I’m deeply grateful and indebted to you for the continual contribution you have made to my husband’s well being and now mine! Thank you!
Love, Maureen J. St. Germain
Transformational Enterprises, Inc.

We have had the privilege to work with Catherine in numerous ways over the past 10 plus years. Her intuition and connection to Spirit are second to none and she is the Real Deal. Over the years she has dropped into my experiences and helped me understand what was happening in my body through health issues and has facilitated healing with her empathic touch and compassion.  She has also helped us psychologically by translating deeper insights into our issues.

We have also benefited from her ability to sense and clear out spaces. We have had energy hanging around for some time where we work. She came in and effortlessly cleared our space, so we now have peacefulness and calm in our office.

Catherine is down-to-earth, humble, and takes no credit for the healing energy work she does. She radiates a higher vibration and goodness through and through fostering absolute trust. A true blessing to know and work with.                  K & K

It was a warm April Saturday when I was feeling an intense pressure on my head. ..
Meeting and receiving healing from Catherine Stefanavage was a profound catalyst for my personal healing journey. Her sincere compassion and amazing insights allowed my soul’s opening to fully receive long awaited gifts. I am now a clear receiver of information from the Galactic Ones. I am forever in gratitude for Catherine blessing my life as she did and continues to do so as my beloved friend.
I sincerely know that a session with Catherine will enhance and expand your spiritual journey.

I met Catherine Stefanavage via a friend and decided I wanted her to work on me in any way she felt I needed it. Being a nurse I have struggled for a long time with the narrow mindedness of Western medicine and knew in my many readings and mostly in my heart that there were other means of healing.

Catherine has worked on me twice. During our first session, I told her nothing about some of the problems I was having and have had for years. My knees were feeling better since using a Chinese herb suggested by a friend who is a doctor of Oriental medicine. I still would have some pain and discomfort, although in all honesty not nearly what I had been having. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon 15 years ago, that I would need surgery on both knees one day. This I avoided at all cost. As Catherine moved her hands over me she immediately went for my knees and hips. After about 40 minutes she said that would be enough for now. I was suddenly very tired and drained and she said since I had a long drive home, 40 minutes, it would be best to stop now. I was about to ask Catherine for another session to work on other areas, but before I could get the words out – she said yes, we will work on your feet next time. I was a little surprised by this since I had not said anything nor did my friend who introduced us know anything about the life long problems with my feet.

Catherine said she saw structural changes. I had worn corrective shoes as a child and had surgery on both feet. Even though I have always been active, I was rarely without pain and my activity had continued to lessen over the years. The second session she worked on my feet for about 45 minutes. I felt different immediately, but wanting to be opened minded I decided the improvement could also be because she was actually massaging my feet this time. I told her my knees were much improved and believe that taking the herb was also vital in my continued well being, since both knees no longer had any cartilage and the herb was slowly replacing this.

I guess the most astounding thing is I am from Manhattan and I used to walk easily from the upper Westside to the Village and back again, this being well over 180 blocks. I just returned from a trip back home and found myself walking more then I have in 20 years! One day alone I walked 120 blocks, and even though I could tell my feet were tired, there was none of the throbbing pain I had grown so used to having.

I will say in all honesty, that a belief system in any type of curative path you may wish to follow, Western, Eastern and or Spiritual, is vital. I know for a fact that my feet are much improved and I do owe it all to Catherine’s healing abilities. I am loving this new vitalized energy I have because I am pain free with my feet.

When you have pain in your feet it truly does affect the way your entire body feels as well as your spirit. Chronic pain does drain you spiritually and emotionally and I have Catherine to thank that I no longer have this. Thank you.

Dear Catherine, You are a beautiful gift to humanity! I feel transformed today! My breath capacity feels like it quadrupled! I feel like me again only better! Many blessings to you & my deepest gratitude.

To begin to talk about my experience with Ms Catherine Stefanavage, I would like to start with my feelings going into it all. I was skeptical to say the least, but more from a desire to understand than disbelief. I have always been able to “sense” the feelings of others around me, and without understanding these feelings and sensations, have done my best to help others cope with the situations they were dealing with. I have never been a “religious” individual, by that I mean church going and bible reading, but have always believed in a higher power. I felt like I was walking blind in a world where everyone else, however misconstrued, at least knew where to look.

The loving energy that I felt just from walking in the door when I met Catherine, made me feel like I was where I was supposed to be. After talking with Catherine, I was given insights into parts of me that were always there but never made sense. Our entire conversation was such a learning experience for me. I learned some things about myself in our meeting that have helped me become a stronger individual. I believe that we all have a purpose in life, and Ms. Catherine’s purpose in my life is to help me understand my potential, help me see beyond the confines of the reality we are fed, and to be a guiding light in the darkness I was living in. My days have become much more fulfilling, much more emotionally satisfying, and all together more enjoyable. I look forward to every time I get to see her, hug her, and talk with her in the future.

Catherine Stefanavage and I have been friends for years as fellow travelers in Spirit. After years of pain it occurred to me that I could ask Catherine to tap into Spirit’s healing energy for help with my left foot. What I got was so much more.

I’d suffered with painful shin splints since my 20′s and for roughly the last 10 years my knees were too painful to kneel for even 60 seconds. The outer edge, or blade of my left foot, had been bothering me incredibly since I somehow injured it about 5 years ago. The foot was X-rayed, CT’d, MRI’d and looked at by specialists over the course of that time. They found nothing, yet still I was unable to do simple things like cross my feet or put any pressure on the blade of my left foot. This effected my balance when walking causing me to fall or trip and effected how I sat and even laid down.

When Catherine first raised her hands, the angels guided her to my shin splints. We’d never discussed this. I’ve lived with shin splint pain for so long it never occurred to me that my shins could actually not hurt until she was led to heal them. Next her hands moved to my knees. I felt warmth in my knees, particularly the right knee, and could tell something big was happening. While working on my knees Catherine told me she saw arthritis. I can now kneel down and get up without pain, although I’d been in pain for so long that there is an unconscious and sometimes conscious fear of actually kneeling to this day. It took about a week for me to realize what had been done, when there was literally no choice but for me to kneel on a hard floor. Hesitating because of the pain I was used to, when I did finally kneel, there was absolutely zero pain. Catherine got a very excited call from me about being able to kneel for first time in what seemed like forever. Ten months later when I saw an orthopedist for a tear in my knee, the arthritis was formally diagnosed.

Catherine then moved to my left foot, held her hand above it a few minutes and told me a bone was very slightly twisted. So slight it wouldn’t have shown up unless you knew what to look for. She held one hand above my foot and one hand below saying, “This may hurt. Are you ready?” Without physically touching my foot, her hands moved in a twisting and pulling motion. Something inside my foot moved and the release of pain was instantaneous. For the first time in 5 years I was able to cross my feet, put the blade of my left foot against the floor and not be in pain.

I no longer walk gingerly and am no longer tripping and falling due to balance problems caused by foot, knee, and shin issues. I am no longer in pain from leg problems, some of which I had gotten so used to I had learned to cope by avoiding the pain. If Catherine hadn’t allowed “Spirit” to work through her to heal my feet, shins and knees, I would still be walking gingerly, not kneeling and being very careful about how I set my left foot. I pray every day and thank my God for allowing this healing to happen.