About Catherine

About Catherine

Short Version

Welcome to my world, where intuition, artistry, and spirituality converge to inspire, heal, and empower. I am a channel, healer, psychic, medium and artist. All of my work takes place within the vibration of love. I believe all of us have these abilities.
Doing this work is like living in a candy store and helping myself at the fudge counter. The energies flowing through me are indescribably delicious. I can actually feel all the love and healing the Universe has for you while experiencing your transformation and growth. I’ve been blessed with over 4 decades of helping people understand, connect, balance, transform, remember, heal, and experience the limitless potential of Spirit. What an honor!

Most aspects of my work have been with me since my earliest memories. Toward my late 20’s, I began channeling healing energies for the physical body. My Spirit team and the beings I channel are my teachers.
I’ve dabbled in art throughout my life. In 2005, I became fascinated with welding copper. I am self-taught and assisted by spirit guides. Each creation carries the energy and intention of my spiritual practice and offers a journey of love and empowerment.
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My mission is to empower you on your path of self-discovery, healing, and self-love. I’m your guide as you explore the depth of your own intuition, experience the unexpected,  and connect with the unseen. I encourage you to embrace limitless possibilities, and join me in my excitement with who you are in this world!  My purpose is to serve with gratitude and love.
The power of this dream pushed at me relentlessly. Honestly, I thought I could barter with fate, pay my dues up front, and avoid the future that dream foretold. Driven by this goal, I geared my college studies toward special education and looked for ways to be involved with services for people with disabilities. Ironically, my efforts prepared me instead.
Good grief he was so messed up. BUT, in spite of damaged brain and muscles, I knew this child would walk, talk, learn, grow, prosper and be a voice for change. That knowing came from precognition too. I knew what I knew just as surely as I believed the dream from 9 years ago. Family, friends and doctors lectured me constantly about living in denial of my son’s condition and potential. But I knew different and trusted the spiritual source of my knowingness.
I trusted in a Higher Power or God, and His love and perfect plan. I trusted that my knowingness came from God, a source of unconditional love and non-judgement. I trusted that God doesn’t make mistakes (certainly this loving, mischievous, rascal of a boy wasn’t a mistake!). So I blew off the doctor’s opinions and predictions as irrelevant to our story.

Long Version

My Heart’s Journey

My Heart’s Journey is about the driving influences in my life – my two sons and Spirit.
Spirit has been with me and guiding me all my life. My earliest memory as a child is actually that of a large male presence protectively surrounding me. My 3-year old self called him God. I was being raised as a Catholic and God was my reference for invisible people.
Connecting with other realms was a constant and practical part of my life. Spirit helped with homework, art projects, and writing the songs I sang and played on my guitar as I worked out my teen angst or heartbreak.
There was no talking about any of this at home or with friends. My mom couldn’t handle it, especially when I saw dead people or knew things I shouldn’t. Mom repeatedly threatened to leave me at a hospital psych ward. I absolutely believed her and learned to keep quiet.
I began sharing once I met my former husband. Soon I was pregnant and my husband and I were at a lamaze class watching a movie about C-section births. I suddenly turned to him and clutched at his arm with both hands, fervently whispering Spirit’s message. I told him I would need a C-section because the birth would go very wrong. The baby and I would come close to dying but would be ok. That’s exactly what happened.
I did not however tell my former husband something I maybe should have before we got pregnant. Years before meeting him, I had had a prophetic dream when I was 19. This is what happened.

The summer before my sophomore year in college I took a job on the Navajo Reservation. I taught children with disabilities who had recently been returned home after living years in institutions. New federal laws allowed these kids access to education and a better quality of life. One morning I woke from a dream and was convinced I would give birth to a son with severe disabilities.

Oh my goodness I knew in my soul this was real. I saw my son’s face as if he was visiting me. Maybe to prepare me. Maybe to see if I was up to the task. After the shock of the dream eased, all I remember is how badly I did not want to raise such a child. The dream wouldn’t let me go. My resistance to the idea of it pushed at me. At some point I decided I could barter with fate and change the future. The plan was to pay my dues up front to circumvent having this child with disabilities. With this goal in mind I geared my college studies toward special education and found ways to be involved with services for people with disabilities. Ironically, my efforts served to prepare me for what was foretold.

Fast forward 9 years and one son. Baby boy two comes along. We named him Ryan. He entered earth with a whole container shipload of disabling conditions for which western medicine was unprepared.

Good grief he was so messed up. BUT, in spite of his damaged brain and muscles, I knew this child would walk, talk, learn, grow, prosper and be a voice for change. That knowing came from precognition too.

Knowing something doesn’t necessarily make life easier. Family, friends and doctors lectured me constantly, saying I was in denial about my son’s condition and potential. When he was about 14 months old, my husband and I were told by a geneticist to place Ryan in an institution. He said my husband and I and oldest son deserved a life. Maybe you can imagine my outrage.

What I knew was God didn’t make mistakes. What I knew was that this loving, mischievous, rascal of a boy wasn’t a mistake. He simply was meant to be who and how he was. What I knew was this child’s birth was foretold and we had work to do together.

The shock and pain of being told to place my child in an institution still pings throughout my body as I touch those memories to share my heart’s story. Obviously, I discarded the doctor’s opinions and predictions as defective.

It was clear this child needed help from somewhere. I started with a chiropractor. A few months later he suggested I see another client of his to “get my head straight” about my son’s condition. Surprisingly this contact was for a spiritual healer. Yup, spiritual healer and laying-on-of-hands. Things I did not believe in (but now do myself!). And why not? Ryan needed help. No help was available from traditional sources. It was time to not only think outside the box, but throw the box away. As a skeptic I spent hours with the spiritual healer getting to know her. She became the first person with any knowledge that I could talk to about the many taboo experiences I’d had in my life. She patiently answered endless questions. I liked how she spoke about herself and her work, describing herself as “a vehicle through which God worked”. As we talked I began to understand parts of myself for the first time and believed my son would benefit from a session. Again, why not? The healer had a massage table which was pushed against the wall under a picture of Jesus. She gently took my son and sat him on the table. Ryan raised his arm and waved to Jesus without a word or prompt. What you don’t know was at 13 months of age, Ryan’s body was paralyzed from the waist down. He could not hold up his head, sit, stand, control his arms, hold a bottle, suck, swallow, or make any sound other than crying. I could list more but you get the picture. My son could not sit or control his arms. I meant that. But here he was, sitting independently on the massage table intentionally waving to a picture of Jesus! I started crying and explained repeatedly through the blubbering that my son could not do that. The healer replied “Don’t tell him that and certainly don’t tell God that.”His condition came from my DNA and I live with a glitchy body too. 

The session was a miracle. The room filled with love and intense energy. I watched from the side sweating buckets in air conditioning while sobbing from the palpable love. My son’s body grew muscle mass and changed shape. He could now use his arms, stand on previously paralyzed legs, hold his head himself and spoke his first word, “mama”. His paralyzed, atrophied body had come to life under her hands. There are no words to fully describe what I witnessed or how we were both affected. For me, though I’d spent my life communicating with the spirit world, I still had questions, still had doubt. Now, doubt dropped away and I fully embraced the Spirit world I co-inhabited equally with the human experience. My son and his circumstance had shattered me in the best way possible, exposing my core and unleashing who I am. I am a channel, spiritual healer, medium, psychic, intuitive.

Ryan left earth years ago at the age of 16. I sat vigil as his life waned and rallied many times those 16 years. He was a change agent and warrior in the disability movement. His life is a big story, full of struggle, pain, miracles, joy and love, and deserves its own book. His legacy created new services, policies and laws, for children and adults with disabilities on a local, state and national level. By the way, he did eventually walk, talk, and read. He was highly intelligent, a talented musician and cook, dramatic, relentlessly curious and mischievous, and showered everyone he ever met with unconditional love.

His condition came from my DNA and I live with a glitchy body too. The geneticists tell me that my cellular function has only been previously documented in the deceased. My cells produce less than 10% of the energy our bodies require to function and survive, and there is no cure. My life force has waned and rallied many times, just like my son’s. I have experienced many near-death episodes and no longer keep track. Each one is an amazing lap around the Universe, full of extraordinary joy and love. Each unique episode teaches me and connects me to new awareness and understanding. My DNA puts me in a continuous loop of dying, death, rebirth and growth. And always, always, Divine companions journey with me.