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Welding came into my life in 2005. For months I had been exploring the internal landscapes of love, self, and relationship in my sketches. These were powerful emotions for me at that time as my teenage son had passed in 2004. I wanted to express my feelings with something that might match the bigness of what I was experiencing and gravitated to the warmth and versatility of copper.
I had no clue how to make copper pieces stick together. Between the library, pestering welders, metal fabricators and hardware store staff, I learned little. No one I found had heard of what I wanted to do. However, I did end up with a torch attachment, a tank of bernzomatic fuel (which was soon replaced with oxygen-acetylene fuel) and silver rods for brazing. The idea was to heat the two pieces of copper just enough to become soft. You next touch the heated copper pieces with the brazing rod. The material of the brazing rod heats up and flows into and between the copper pieces forming a weld.
My first copper art piece is best described as a line drawing made from heavy gauge copper wire. The piece is a self-portrait of me holding my son as an infant. This piece is big and bold and celebrates my undying and unconditional love for my deceased son. It is titled “Unconditional Love”.
As you know, my welding style is self-taught. This puts my work in the category of “folk art”. My spirit guides cheer me on with ideas and technical support on the tricky parts.
Each creation carries the energy and intention of my spiritual practice and offers a journey of love and empowerment.
A piece from my new collection “A Heart’s Journey”, is featured as the logo for the Heart Sense podcast by Riverann (listen on Apple, Spotify, Audible, Google podcast or Amazon Music). My work was also featured on the HGTV show “That’s Clever” (Season 3, Episode 17).

The “A Heart’s Journey” Collection

Spirit guided me to create this Collection and to incorporate the following elements.
The sculptures are designed to be hung on the wall.
Their heart shape, constructed with spirals, curves and bits of copper
representing choices and experiences, create this beautiful symbol of a heart’s journey.

Nestled within each piece, you’ll find a small, solid heart cut from sheet

copper. This solid heart serves as a reminder that you are always whole, always you.

Look closely to discover the tiny copper figures. These figures represent your intuition or higher self. Holding up a freshwater pearl – a symbol of beauty from struggle, your higher self asks you to remember the uniqueness and perfection of your heart’s journey.

These heart-shaped art pieces are embedded with a message from Spirit…

You are here to be you.
Every choice and experience is about learning and growing.
There are no mistakes.
You are never judged.
Even when you feel broken, your heart remains whole.
You are loved. Unconditionally.


Copper is a living element, continuing to change in color or patina. A finish was applied to your sculpture to help stabilize the patina. Dust as needed with dry, soft cloth. 


This art is made of hand cut pieces of metal. Expect some rough or sharp edges and points. Handle with care. It is recommended this artwork not be handled by children.